Legal Notes

Considerations for Estimates and Forward-Looking Statements

Simpar’s investor relations website contains statements about plans, forecasts, expectations about future events, strategies, projections, financial trends that affect Simpar’s activities, as well as statements regarding other information, which constitute estimates about the future and do not guarantee future results, involve risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the company’s control or forecasting capacity.

Important factors may cause Simpar’s actual results to be substantially different from the results predicted in our estimates, see Risk Factors.

Statements that depend on or are related to future or uncertain events or conditions, or that include information presented in various sections on this website that include the words “believes,” “can,” “continues,” “waits,” “foresees,” “intends,” “plans,” “ estimates,” “ anticipates, or the like are intended to identify future estimates and statements.

Because of these risks and uncertainties, the investor should not rely exclusively on these forward-looking estimates and statements to make his investment decision.