Main Business Lines

SIMPAR was born as a holding company, controlling six independent companies that concentrate the main operations and act in segments and sectors with great growth potential. Together, these companies form a Group that started more than 64 years ago, adopting a management model that produces sustainable results and are formed by people with a diversity of generations, the complementarity of knowledge and experiences, and a lot of energy to perform, which stimulates the emergence of innovations perceived by customers.


JSL was the basis of the Group’s growth, having developed the other companies with the contribution of know-how, culture, people, and financial resources. The company is a leader in road logistics in Brazil, with the diversification of services and customers, ensuring resilience throughout economic cycles. The company has the largest and most integrated portfolio of services in the sector, including Road Cargo Transport services, Dedicated Road Cargo Logistics, Commodity Logistics, Warehousing Services, Urban Distribution, Internal Logistics, and Chartering.

The company has a long-standing relationship with its customers that operate in the most diverse economic sectors including Pulp and Paper, Steel, Mining, Agribusiness, Automotive, Food, Chemical, Consumer Goods, among others. Over the past few years, JSL transformed its model, starting to operate in the asset-light model in services where this model is more efficient, which currently represents 65% of Net Service Revenue.

Currently, the logistics sector is undergoing a movement of consolidation and formalization, that should drive the growth of more solid and well-managed companies. In line with these trends, JSL no longer has the purpose of a holding company to focus on its operational origin and carry out a new cycle of organic and inorganic growth. If necessary, the company is ready to access the capital market and attract investors interested in participating in this strategic movement of consolidation and growth, taking advantage of the operational leverage provided by the largest scale and, consequently, seeking increasingly better returns.


Movida pioneered several innovations focusing on customer needs, such as the offer of imported cars, a wide range of models, and the use of technology to improve the experience, contributing to the transformation of the car rental market in Brazil. Currently, the company is one of the largest companies in the light vehicle rental and fleet management sector in Brazil, standing out for the differentiated service it offers its customers, its diversification of services and vehicle models, and for bringing several innovations such as monthly rent for individuals, 4G mobile Wi-Fi in the car, Carbon Free Program and 27-hour daily rates. The Group has been operating in the Fleet Management and Outsourcing (GTF) segment since the 1980s, but over time it has noticed a strong shortage in the car rental sector (rent-a-car or RAC), with greater customer focus mainly on quality service, proximity to customers, and differentiated service and vehicle portfolio. Seeking to address this opportunity, Movida grew rapidly in recent years, from a fleet of 2,400 vehicles at the end of 2013, when it was acquired by the Group, to 64,000 when it made its IPO in 2017, and almost 115,000 at the end of 2019. This growth was essential for the company to achieve greater scale, national coverage, and greater profitability.

Movida is listed on B3’s New Market, which is the highest level of corporate governance, in addition to being part of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE, as its acronym in Portuguese for Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial), and also being the first publicly traded company of car rental in the world to obtain the B Corporation certification, which shows its different positioning and reinforces its commitment to sustainability. The car rental sector is still young in Brazil and should continue to grow driven by greater accessibility of the daily rate concerning income, changes in behaviors such as the substitution of ownership by the use, and the consequent emergence of new products such as car’s signature. Movida is ready to meet the growing demand for new customers and new products through its unique positioning, which consists of proximity to the customer, agility in management, and intensive use of technology and innovation.


VAMOS has a unique and innovative business model with the largest platform for leasing, buying, and selling trucks, machinery and new and used equipment in Brazil. The company has a wide network of Volkswagen/MAN (Transrio) truck and bus dealerships, agricultural machinery and equipment under the Valtra and Komatsu brands, its own network of 10 used vehicle stores and more than 2,300 accredited mechanic workshops. The company was created in 2015 to consolidate the entire leasing operation for heavy assets that had already been carried out by the Group since the 1990s. The strong resilience of its revenue is the result of the model based on long-term contracts and the diversified customer base covering several sectors of the economy such as agribusiness, energy, food, retail, environment, and logistics.

Although traditional in developed countries, the truck, machinery, and equipment rental market is still incipient in Brazil, with a penetration of only 0.6% in the fleet of 1.6 million trucks linked to companies. The development of this sector represents an important alternative for the renewal of the Brazilian truck fleet, which has a high average age of 21 years, representing more than twice as many more developed countries. Customers who opt for fleet outsourcing have several benefits, such as better capital allocation, focus on the business itself, predictability of expenses, the guarantee of asset availability, and cost reduction. VAMOS is positioned as to continue to lead the growth of this market, having as its main competitive advantages the scale, the know-how built over more than 64 years of operation of the Group in heavy asset management, capillarity for maintenance, purchase, and sale of assets and the use of technology and innovation.

CS Brasil

Since 2009, CS Brasil has consolidated all public services performed by the Group and has a business model with growth potential, given the search for modernization and efficiency by the public sector, and high resilience as it is based on long-term contracts, with assets fundamental to improving public management. Over the past few years, the company has intensified its focus on Fleet Management and Outsourcing (GTF) services, making divestments in other businesses.

The company adopts differentiated governance, compliance, and transparency practices in hiring and providing services, and participates in the vast majority of biddings through electronic auctions. Also, CS Brasil pioneered the creation of a monitored biddings room with secure and controlled access, whose process is validated and monitored by an external audit, and also in the development of the Transparency Portal, with updated information on all of its current contracts.

Like the private sector, the public sector should continue to seek gains in operational and financial efficiency through outsourcing. CS Brasil aims to continue adopting the best practices in the provision of services to the public sector and, at the same time, to make good management of the portfolio of contracts and costs to continue expanding its returns.


BBC Leasing got the approval from the Central Bank to operate as for 2014. The company contributes to the growth in sales of light and heavy assets of the Group’s companies, building customer loyalty. Also, it finances customers through the sales channels of our car and truck dealerships, contributing to the renewal of the Brazilian fleet.

BBC Digital was created in 2019, aiming at becoming the largest platform for digital financial services for truck drivers and application drivers in Brazil, a business with high growth potential given the strong synergy of Group companies with these audiences.


Original Concessionárias represents one of the largest Volkswagen car dealership groups in Brazil, in addition to also representing the FIAT and Ford brands, with a total of 14 stores strategically located in the state of São Paulo. The company has a large portfolio of after-sales and insurance services through Madre Corretora and strong synergy with other Group businesses.